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Welcome to Crypto Stake Ecosystem

Crypto Stake eco system is a decentralised gambling platform giving players all over the world an opportunity to place bets on sports, book events from every corner of the globe. We believe that people should be able to place bets using crypto currencies without limitations of what they can choose to bet on. Any player using our eco system can use any top 100 crypto currency and exchange it for our exclusive token Crypto Stake Token, this will give our users enhanced odds on any wager they choose to place on any event be it Horse Racing, Football, Boxing, MMA ,Grey Hound Racing, Baseball, American Football ,Basketball and many many more making us the biggest and best gambling eco system online eclipsing any other platforms available for crypto betting giving our punters the best returns for their stake.

Crypto Stake will also offer users the ability to play Casino Games like Roulette, Black Jack, Poker, Jackpot Slots, Baccarat, plus several others. Any of our casino style games using Random Number generation (RGN) will all be Blockchain Technology giving transparency, Security and trust when playing any of the forementioned casino games, and using Crypto Stake Token will again enhance any winning returns. Players will be able to easily exchange their crypto currencies that are currently in the top 100 Coin Market Cap list for the exclusive Crypto Stake Token using our on platform exchange which will be cost effective efficient and simple. Any users that do not have crypto currencies will be able to exchange their native fiat currencies for Crypto Stake Token also enabling them to benefit from the enhanced betting odds. All players will have their own secure private wallets and can transfer any crypto currency they hold to a wallet of their choice.

What Is

Crypto Stake Token?

The Crypto Stake token is an essential part of the future sportsbook and casino games ecosystem. It is used as the exclusive currency on the Crypto Stake platform for increased betting odds – both for sports bets and casino games. Crypto Stake token is a digital currency, players from all around the world can profit from when using to place their bets.

Crypto Stake Token gives its users many advantages on top of increased odds, placing bets is simple, fast, cost effective, and increases your profits when winning. Any winnings can be efficiently processed due to the eco systems A.I and on platform exchange.

Our exchange will also make transferring funds to other personal wallets streamlined and efficient. If an account holder would like to exchange Crypto Stake to any other crypto currency this can also be achieved using the Crypto Stakes exchange and the funds can be withdrawn at any time into a wallet of their choice. All our transactions will be carried out in a cost effective and timely process

Our Sales Tax 15%

The volatility within the crypto market can have extremely negative impacts upon new projects where the chart and liquidity are concerned, our belief is a sell only tax can only be positive in stabilising our project ensuring investors can do so with confidence. Where our tax will differentiate from 95% of tokens is we have a variable sell tax capped at 15%, this will enable us to reduce the tax as the project matures and the chart stabilises enabling the token to become a secure tax-free token. Players who use our platform and are successful in their sportsbook or casino play will automatically have 15 % added to their winning so the tax does not impact on players cashing out their winnings.

Auto Liquidity 5%

We understand that liquidity is crucial in any trading environment. This is why we have added an Auto liquidity to our smart contract. Liquidity will be taken as a function of the smart contract using market activity from sales. The sales will be captured by the smart contract and utilized with the function, allowing a 5% portion of the 15% fee from sales to be automatically added to the Liquidity after each sale. Therefore, as the token matures, the auto-liquidity can be attributed toward an ever-growing market stability capable of absorbing large market activity.

Security Pool 6%

Due to the complexity of our project our platform requires around the clock monitoring for malicious activity, ensuring the safety of investors funds and platform security. Our new contract has also had a functionality added to fund this essential mechanic of the eco system again this is automated.

Reward 4%

With an ever-increasing market of tokens to trade we feel the necessity to offer investors who HODL an incentive to do so, therefore another function named redistribution has been programmed into the smart contract again automatically sending each holder their percentage of the redistribution percentage in our native token ensuring loyal holders wealth increases over time.

Key features









Token Sale


Token Information
Ticker CST
Total Supply 200,000,000
Blockchain BSC
Token Standard Bep-20

Token Sales Progress

Round: All Rounds Completed

Contract Address : 0x3dd16134F2a87Bd0D339976f0090C2ee312a6654

Price: $0.65

  • Sold 0 CST
    ~(100 %)
  • TOTAL 2,450,000 CST
Presale 1,000,000 CST (100% sold)
Round 1 ($0.30) 450,000 CST (100% sold)
Round 2 ($0.35) 250,000 CST (100% sold)
Round 3 ($0.45) 250,000 CST (100% sold)
Round 4 ($0.55) 250,000 CST (100% sold)
Round 5 ($0.65) 250,000 CST (100% sold)

Fund Allocation

40% Development
30% Marketing
12% Legal
15% Operations
3% Airdrop

Road Map

APRIL 2021
  • Creating the CST ecosystem idea. Research and development analysing of sportsbook markets. Identifying the main problems hindering the development of the industry.
  • Development of core team.
July 2021
  • Announcement of project and white paper.
  • Develop ICO website Crowd sale.
  • Announcement and media engagement.
  • Preparing Backend, Legal and Accounting.
September 2021
  • Private Pre-Sale begins. Developing project solving existing industry problems.
  • Interacting with the blockchain community.
  • Development of website and testing.
  • Engagement with Bounty Hunters.
October 2021
  • Public sale begins.
  • Project launched on Duckdao, Application for Coinmarket cap, Coingeko Exchange applications.
  • Launching the BSC BEP-20 token and testing distribution.
  • Progression of website. Establishing partnership’s.
January 2022
  • Creating CST bridge to BSC and BEP-20 standard token.
  • Website live in test mode for investors to try.
  • Voting system for investors.
February 2022
  • Listing of the CST at the first exchange.
  • Launch of fully working website and App with
  • Lottery, pool draws and casino games incorporated testing.
  • Launching the CST Exchange DEX.
Late 2022
  • Listing on major exchanges.
  • Launch STC Token Staking with dividend solution.

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Team Members

We are a team of experienced individuals from various backgrounds in the Crypto Space.

Georgina Reynolds
Gary Pemberton